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Food-Trend Bao Buns

In these German cities you will find the steamed rolls from Asia

Have you ever heard of Bao Buns? The soft, steamed rolls from Asia are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany! And rightly so, because the mixture of fluffy yeast dough and a spicy filling makes the Bao Buns the ideal snack for all food-crazy people.

But what exactly are bao buns? Bao Buns (Chinese 包子, Baozi) are soft yeast dumplings that are available with different fillings. Buns have a long tradition in China and are eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The fillings – for example beef or pork, seafood or vegetarian ingredients such as pak choi – vary greatly from region to region.

Well, have you gotten hungry yet? We’ll tell you where you can buy the delicious Bao Buns in Germany.

Vegetarian baozi in Cologne

If you are looking for authentic Cantonese cuisine in Cologne, you should visit the restaurantShanghai cuisinenot to be missed on Limburger Straße. A bit inconspicuous from the outside, a warm welcome and a large selection of Chinese delicacies await you inside. In addition to dishes with pasta and rice, you will also find a wide variety of traditional dumplings here. Our tip: Be sure to try the vegetarian Bao Buns with Shiitake and Pak Choi!

Gua Bao Burger in Berlin

in berlinPacificomeets Asian street food with fast food from California. Here’s a different take on bao buns: the soft, steamed buns are sliced ​​down the middle and then topped with tasty toppings like fried tofu, pickled radish, and peanut sauce. This Bao Bun variant is particularly popular in Taiwan. There, the rolls known as »Gua Bao« are traditionally served with braised pork belly – yummy!

Sweet dim sum in Hamburg

If you’re plagued by wanderlust, you shouldMr Heytake a little culinary trip to China in Hamburg. The restaurant has dim sum – small steamed or fried dishes – for every taste. A special highlight on the menu are the sweet Bao Buns – because the steamed buns are not only available as a hearty snack. Filled with egg, tea or milk paste, these rolls are a different kind of treat. 

Now new: Bao Buns at EatHappy

If you fancy delicious bao buns, you no longer have to wait for the next street food festival or reserve a seat in the restaurant – the delicious steamed buns are now also available at EatHappy! In addition to sushi and poke bowls, you can now find bao buns with spicy shrimp or chicken filling at our locations throughout Germany . We have a little tip for you: If you moisten the bao bun with a little water at home or in the office and warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds, the soft yeast bun will taste even better! 


And, will you pick up and try a bao bun the next time you visit EatHappy? Tell us upFacebookorInstagramwhich flavor is your favorite! 

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